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Stuck On Maths

31 July, 2016 | Programming

There was a time when I was so into programming that I seemed to doing nothing much else. I made a few apps that were fairly advanced and changed from Objective C to Swift and waited for the code base to normalise.

I didn't want to keep programming without learning something new so I bought some books on maths and electronics. But I find both subjects a struggle. To fix my struggle with electronics will be easy to sort out because I now know that I need to have mini projects to make that will increase my knowledge. But with math I find it hard to think of any valid use for it.

I have been reading "Calculus Made Easy" and I believe I have been making progress in different aspects of learning about maths, but I'm constantly wondering if and when I'll get to use it. A quick search on Google reveals that having mathematical knowledge is useful, but not necessary. For years I thought I was faking it because I am a self taught programmer. 

Thanks to Mathematica being available for free on my Raspberry Pi I am looking at a different direction of learning maths by simply reading through a Mathematica manual and at some point I will work through my mental block that gives me mild panic whenever I see a mildly awkward looking maths equation.